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Born with a passion for Wine & Bread Tirza is a TLV-based wine bar named after the street where her older sister OCD restaurant is located.

A table stacked with wine bottels

Wine First

Tirza is first and foremost a wine bar.

With over 200 labels and extended 'by the glass' list our curated selection led by our wine director Aviv Hagag is ever changeling and evolving to deliver a unique wine experience.   


Bread & Food

We believe that wine and bread go together. 

This is why the majority of the food menu at Tirza is based on products from our bake house 'AFUI' and from 'TENNE' pantry products from the OCD kitchen.

Follow us for updated on our daily changing menu.

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A plate with roasted bread and on top of the bread, beef fat and dates.
Plate with fish sashimi, ponzu sauce and buckwheat popcorn
Red wine poured into a wine glass
A hand holding a glass of white wine
A shelf of  wine bottles lying next to each other
A bread plate
A shelf of wine bottles lying next to each other
Beef tartar with roasted bread
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